God And Alcoholics Anonymous; The REAL Interview

A.A.; Hey God!!! I reeeally wanna say that I’m soooo grateful to be sober and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous …

God; Yes I know. Now if you will listen…I mean REALLY listen for a moment I’m going to tell you why this is happening.

First of all you guys are a sounding-board for what I am REALLY about. See there’s been a lot of misconceptions about Me and what I’m about. I am Love in it’s purest form. I am NOT a “deity” of any sort. Neither male NOR female but these manifest, or it’s supposed to, when I get hold of you. 

You will know what I am when you experience me. It will be like NOTHING you’ve ever felt before and it will be mind erasing where all your fear will be erased and replaced with My Love throughout every fiber of your being. 

It will release you from your guilt and fear and, if you let it, you will be able to think for yourself



Unfortunately I have found that most of you are trying to suppress that with your “experience” 


Do not undo my miracle with your limiting concepts!!!

Oh and speaking of which, there’s not too much “difference” between “alcoholics” and/or “drug addicts” 

The results are the same

Seeking pleasure to ease the suffering of life

I moved The Universe to create A.A. and the steps make you realize that suffering, no matter what the form is optional and to completely eradicate the ego which is the REAL problem so you can gain more than just “sobriety”


Did you know that this is what My main goal is? 

World enlightenment?

Why do you think the “dual addicted” are showing up at your meetings?


Now what did I tell you about that???

My main objective is too dispose the use of the organization called “Alcoholics Anonymous” and teach you about “forgiveness” for yourself and others and how to BE the “program” instead of “working” it.

The word “program” is a misnomer 

The “God” of your “understanding” is a slight of hand trick of the ego as a matter of fact. Because there is nothing to “understand” and everything to Know and Realize for your evolution as My Children.

Oh yes and also by the way, the one named Jesus that you like to “boo and hiss” about and disdain with your “sober” mind is NOT the person you perceive him to be nor is he the one the “churches” teach. I sent him to teach the same message I am trying to show you.

The word “Christ” means a few things; Forgiveness, Love, Self Respect, Humility but most of all Love. 

There will be a “second coming” because;


Jesus spoke my words and so do you just like he did except you call it “sobriety”, there is just an ego seed infesting your psyche that’s preventing you from Truly Opening Up. 

I have already sent people that are amongst you now.

Eckhart Tolle

Marianne Williamson

Jiddu Krishnamurti

And others

So please

Change some concepts of what this is about because mankind is destroying them selves in such varied ways more than just alcohol and drugs.

For your sake as well as Mine.

Thank you.


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